Growstuff Hack Night - Wednesday June 18th 6:30-10pm

Growstuff is an open source/open data projects for people who grow their own food to track what they are planting and harvesting and to share resources and knowledge. Through Growstuff, members contribute to a data commons that helps us gather information about who’s growing what where. All Growstuff’s data is available via API or downloads.

As a project, Growstuff is inclusive and beginner-friendly, and we welcome new developers as well as those with more experience. We also need contributions from non-coding gardeners: crop wrangling, QA/testing, writing, design, and most especially sharing your own knowledge and experience about how you grow food — all are welcome. You can find out more information for developers/contributors at

Alex “Skud” Bayley is hosting! It is open to everyone in the community!

  • When: **Wednesday, June 18th 6:30-10pm **
  • Where: Double Union
  • Food: We’ll order food that fits the dietary needs of folks who come
  • Please RSVP: Eventbrite

NOTE ABOUT SETUP! Before you come, check out the getting started/dev environment setup docs. Grab the source off github and make sure you have Ruby installed before the hack night! If you want to do the setup stuff in a friendly group setting, come hang out and do it together Thursday, June 12th from 6:30-8:30(ish) at Double Union (food also provided).