Programming ATTiny: Thursday 20th March

We shall be circuit hacking on THURSDAY 20th MARCH.
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For this session Natalie Freed is going to run a workshop on programming ATTinys, to create interactive paper circuitry. We only have limited space for this one, so please reserve your place by RSVP-ing. There will be a small fee ($3) for the bits -please bring cash on the day.

More about the workshop:
We will add tiny, inexpensive programmable microcontrollers to your paper circuitry! We can show you how to solder and the basics of Arduino programming.

What to bring?
• Bring your laptop for programming the microcontrollers.
• If you’d like to get your computer set up before you come, instructions are below:
—>How to install Arduino
—>How to install Arduino for Windows drivers
—>How to install add-on for programing ATTinys
• All other materials for the workshop are provided, but it would be useful to have some design ideas in mind, and decorative / colored paper or card stock if you like (but not essential).

Thursday 20th March, 7-9pm,
Double Union maker / hacker space
How to book?
RSVP here!
$3 donations -bring cash on the day

This is what we made last time:

by @Dharlette

by Mindy Chang