Pausing Double Union applications Friday February 7th

Double Union has been growing at an incredible rate! We have over 80 members now, most of whom joined in the last few months, despite doing almost no active recruiting. We are frankly amazed at the number of people interested in a space like Double Union: a women-centered maker and hacker space that is welcoming of a broad range of technology, art, and activism, and has trans-inclusive women-only membership.

We recently realized that we are growing too quickly to do a good job of welcoming new members. It’s a bit chaotic at Double Union right now, with more work to do than people who know how to do the work. We’re not living up to our standards of responding quickly to applications, running orientation classes for new members, and opening the space on nights and weekends.

To give us time to catch up, we are pausing membership applications starting Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 6pm PST. We estimate we will open them again in about 2 months. During this time, people can still sign up to our public email list, follow us on Twitter, or read our blog. When applications re-open, we will send announcements to all three.

The enthusiastic response to Double Union has made one thing clear: there is enough demand for a women-centered feminist hackerspace in San Francisco to easily support at least two and probably more such hackerspaces. When we re-open applications, we suspect that the space will be at capacity within a few weeks and we will have to start accepting new members only when existing ones leave.

If you are inspired to start your own hackerspace of any type, here are some helpful hints. We are also likely to host a “Starting a feminist hackerspace” workshop open to the public soon.